Learn Rust with practical lessons on your laptop
The fully interactive book for learning Rust programming language on real practical examples.
Practice Rust
The interactive book is handcrafted by Denis Kolodin, the author of the Hands-On Microservices with Rust book and the Yew framework.
Real practical examples that make learning Rust easier and faster
Rust has a steep learning curve and requires intensive practical work. More than half of developers who stopped learning Rust have complained about the language’s complexity.
Practice Rust
We keep code examples relevant and updated to the latest crates
Compared with books or videos that are quickly irrelevant, we update practical cases every day to let you use the latest progress of the Rust ecosystem.
Practice Rust
We respect your favorite text editor and working environment
Trendy in-cloud e-learning platforms don't care about your preferences and offer their toy editor for practice. We prefer you train with the tools that you use for work every day.
Practice Rust
Meaningful examples covering backend, frontend, and more
We strive to cover different concepts and crates to give readers an extensive knowledge base on Rust, from essential to advanced topics.
Practice Rust
A live dashboard that renders data in real-time
The platform and user interface are made with Rust and have a real-time visualization engine to make your practice smooth and bright.
Practice Rust
Works offline to let you practice Rust wherever you are
The platform loads practical cases to a local folder, which allows you to improve your Rust skills while traveling.
Practice Rust
soon A multi-tool for easy development and testing
The app includes valuable tools to work with databases, APIs, real-time logs, and traces to create own immersive interactive experience.
Practice Rust
soon Apps templates
Ready-to-use app templates will help you implement the necessary functionality faster without wasting time on the initial preparation.
Practice Rust
Start improving your Rust skills today:
Early-access! The app and content are updated daily, but only a few lessons are available today. The current subscription is for early adopters and is offered with a discount for a limited time.
The price for the early adopters won't be changed in the future.
Interactive Book with multi-tool
$39 /year
The limited offer for early adopters.
What’s included:
  • Interactive Book App
  • RIDE multi-tool
  • App Templates
  • Excellent Code Examples
  • Weekly Updates
Supported operating systems:
Linux, macOS (Intel, M1), Windows