Practice Rust
on your laptop
The fully interactive book for learning Rust programming language on real practical examples.
Practice Rust
Installation via cargo
The launcher takes advantage of the infrastructure to install and update the interactive book using the Rust toolchain.
Practice Rust
Interactive Rust lessons
30 interactive lessons are available, allowing you to practice Rust locally using your preferred IDE or editor. New content is being created.
Practice Rust
Live creation process
Join the exclusive Discord community. Observe the authentic development process of the 100% Rust full-stack application, frameworks, and content.
Practice Rust
The Stack
Licenses for unique crates that are pivotal to the product's development empower you to harness their capabilities in your projects.
Practice Rust
Visual Guide
Comprehensive printable visual guides to elevate your Rust programming expertise, and perfect for developers seeking a visually engaging learning experience.
Practice Rust
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Interview Preparation
Tailored lessons for preparing for algorithmic interviews using Rust and practicing real-world tasks.
Apps Templates
Ready-to-use app templates for quicker implementation, saving you time on initial setup.
Rust alternatives to tools such as Postman, BloomGRPC, Database Explorer, etc.
Real-time UI
A dynamic, distributed UI that instantly creates reactive dashboards.
Pure! Rust IDE
IDE featuring both Console and Web UI, enhanced with powerful debugger integration and real-time visualization of async tasks.
Start improving your Rust skills today:
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Interactive Book with multi-tool
$39 /year
The limited offer for early adopters.
What’s included:
  • Interactive Book App
  • Excellent Code Examples
  • Weekly Updates
Supported operating systems:
Linux, macOS (Intel, M1), Windows