Practice Rust
on your laptop
Step-by-step coding walkthroughs
to master idiomatic Rust.
Practice Rust
Step-by-step Walkthrough
Lessons explain every step of creating a fully functional program, detailing each code change along the way.
Practice Rust
Weekly Updates
Interactive lessons are released weekly, enabling you to continuously improve your programming skills.
Practice Rust
Your Code Editor
For practical tasks, you will use your full-featured text editor or IDE in a local environment.
Practice Rust
Written by the Adept
Content crafted by Denis Kolodin, who has been exclusively using Rust since 2015 and has created frameworks such as Yew and Crb.
Practice Rust
Idiomatic Rust
The lesson code showcases state-of-the-art Rust features: async programming, macros, efficient memory management, patterns, and modern crates.
Practice Rust
Made with full-stack Rust
The interactive book app is made entirely with Rust, showcasing the language's potential for building full-stack applications.
Practice Rust
Installation via cargo
The launcher leverages the infrastructure to install and update the interactive book using the Rust toolchain.
Practice Rust
Start improving your Rust skills today:
Interactive Book Rust
$128 /year
The Second Edition, focused on comprehensive algorithms and applications. Enjoy the early release discount.
What’s included:
  • Interactive Book App
  • Practical Lessons
  • Idiomatic Code Examples
  • Weekly Updates
Supported operating systems:
Linux, macOS (Intel, M1), Windows